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Black & White Challenge: Day 5—The Final Chapter
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Black & White Challenge: Day 5—The Final Chapter

©Photo By Steve Keegan, 2014 All Rights Reserved.I had to leave for a wedding out of the area this past weekend, and it just occured to me that I never posted the last image for my Black & White Challenge! This image was taken with my iPhone while waiting for my plane to arrive inside the Reno/Tahoe Airport main terminal. This is actually a refection in the window. I liked the surreal nature of the image, the grain, the cowboy hats and just the overall scene.For the final day of the Black & White challenge, I nominate fellow Reno photographer and photojournalist David Parker. I met David while interning at the Reno Gazette-Journal a long, long time ago. Have fun, David!

#TBT: Found! A Portfolio of Photojournalism Images From 10 Years Ago.
Thursday, October 30, 2014

I forgot I had even put this video together, but I found it recently and thought I would post it for Throwback Thursday. It's a video of my photojournalism work that I did more than a decade ago.There were some cool images in here that I still like—even though I think my photography in general has gotten a lot more sophisticated over the past 10 years. The first series of images were done on a homeless man named Michael Burgess that I met as he was living in an underground parking lot for a Starbucks in Los Angeles. Burgess suffered from an extreme case of bipolar disorder to the point where he suffered delusions and heard voices. Several attempts had been made to find Michael help, ...